Carla prend le contrôle de la RAJ

Suite à son voyage scolaire à Londres, Carla nous raconte son voyage à la radio…et en anglais !!

Pour l’écouter parler de son voyage, de ce qu’elle y a vécu et de ce qui lui a plus ou moins plu, c’est juste !

Not just a trip to London 

What are the memories that I will always have ?

What did it bring me ?

The trip started at 5:30 a.m, on 24 April, when everyone was sitting in the bus. We were all excited, tired, and some of us felt scared by this new experience. Others will just say that it is just a trip in a new city, and maybe they don’t realize the chance we had. But what I know is how I was expecting that trip and what it brought me. First, I already went to London but this time, it was really…